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Our patients value our vision of optimal dental health and our commitment to a higher standard of care by our staffing, training, and technology.

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Dentist Owned

We own our offices which means our reputation and our livelihoods are on the line for every patient, every time. Dentists who do not own or have control of the business that is in charge of their dental practice are inherently less invested, can more easily walk away from the practice, and usually have less control of the overall patient experience.

Patient-Centered Care

The amount of time we spend with our patients is obvious. We never average more than one exam every thirty minutes. Which is 2-3 times more than most offices. With that time we are making sure our patients are on a road to optimum health.

Dentists for Other Dentists

We are the dentists for other dentists. Very few compliments are higher than colleagues who seek our care when they and their families or staff’s need dental care.

Our Best Referral Policy

We do not try and do all dental procedures, because no one can do all dental procedures equally well. We will refer you to a specialist any time we feel they can do a specialty procedure, or any procedure, better than we can. Period.

Expert-Quality Prevention

We are proud of the precision of our treatment and the incredible results are patients taught. But what makes us different, is our ability to prevent our patients from needing dentistry in the first place. With technology and techniques that other dentists simply do not have or use, we save patients from needing the dentistry many offices champion. 95% of root canals, implants and extractions can be prevented in the first place and that is where we hang our hat.

Dentist Lead

Our assistants are very talented, but we firmly believe assistants should not treat patients when doctors can and should. Where other offices have assistants place fillings and cement crowns, we believe these tasks are best done by doctors.

Expert-Quality Training

We are Fellows of the Academy of General Dentistry. Only 6% of all general dentists have this level of training.

Our Promise

We care for our patients with an uncompromised level of ethics and integrity.