A Higher Standard of Care

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Achieving a beautiful smile is proven to build confidence. People with exceptional smiles are not only considered to be more attractive, but they are also statistically more successful.

When you visit one of our Branin dental practices, you are choosing an exceptionally trained dentist, capable of providing a higher standard of dental care focused on optimal health.

Branin’s goal is to improve the lives of our patients through meticulously designed dental care. We strongly believe we can help our patients live healthier, happier lives by helping each of them look and feel their best!

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Our mission is to guide our patients along a path of optimal dental care, using a comprehensive approach and creating a one-of-a-kind, memorable, patient experience. We will use the latest technology and procedures, and provide an uncompromising level of comfort, cleanliness and service.

Dental Treatments Designed for Success

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Planning your Smiles

Our dentists have been trained to design smiles that achieve long-lasting esthetic results by using a step-by-step design process available only at Branin dental practices. Branin’s confidence-building dental treatment is based on the following four steps.

Developing a treatment plan focused on you.

Branin will help you enjoy a brilliant, confident, long-lasting smile.

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Initial Patient Consultation

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Foundational Examination

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Preparing for Restoration

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Delivery of your Healthier Smile

See The End Result At The Beginning

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Using SmileSIM, we can plan your new smile and simulate the results of your prospective dental treatment to show you what you would look like ahead of treatment. Before you begin, we will estimate your treatment costs and work with you to find payment options that work for you. SmileSIM provides patients of Branin practices a level of transparency, understanding and communication not readily available at most other dental offices.

Once you have a clear understanding of your path, we will help guide you to a highly trained Branin dental practice to deliver your new smile.

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Let us put your mind at ease.

Ask us to show you how we can achieve your best possible dental result.

Our Dental Offices Accept Most PPO and Traditional Dental Insurances!

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Most dental benefits pay more per procedure for out-of-network providers than they do for in-network providers. Branin dental practices make the highest-quality dentistry accessible. By phasing treatments in ways that can maximize dental benefits, we ensure the high-quality, long-lasting care.

Our goal is to enable anyone who wants a healthy smile the ability to have one.

Everyone Should Be Able to Have a Smile They Can Be Proud Of

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Let Branin help you discover how cosmetic dentistry can improve your life!

The highly trained dentists at our dental practices are skilled in complex dental restorations. Together we can accomplish life-changing results that improve the look and function of your natural smile.

Our Trusted Offices

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Abundant Smiles
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Branin Center for Dentistry | Broomfield
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Branin Center for Dentistry | Louisville